Aquatics Live - how was it for you?

So Aquatics Live took place over the weekend and by all accounts is was a success. Sadly I was not able to attend but have been interested to hear the thoughts of other hobbyists, what they thought of it and why they enjoyed it.
I also noticed a few negative comments which I was very surprised to read, in the respect that some felt shops should either display their stand from an aquascaping point of view or sell products (not both). My thoughts of this is that you can't please everyone...
So what did you go to Aquatics Live for? Was is for meeting up with fellow hobbyists or maybe you just fancied seeing what was going on and what other shops had to offer? What would you like to see next year that wasn't available this year? And more importantly, if you went last year would you go again next year?
Were there enough plants for sale, and what about the aquascaping contest - did you have a go?
Fill me in as I would love to hear your thoughts