We send our bulbs without leaves and for good reason too!

Yep you hear it right. All our bulbs don't come with any leaves and there's good reason for this.

First and foremost a bulb that has no leaves and has yet to germinate takes to its new environment very very well - once placed in a tank, a new shoot normally shows within 48 hours. A bulb that already has leaves may not adapt so well to its new home and you run the risk of the bulb becoming dormant - and you don't want that do you?

Secondly, bulbs without any leaves ship easily and safely. There's nothing worse than receiving a bulb with all the leaves detached. And no matter how well you package, this does happen, trust me.

And here's a tip for you. When you receive your bulb/s you might wonder which way is up. The answer is it doesn't really matter. I recommend you drop the bulb to where you want it to grow and let nature take its cause.

Here's a link to our beautiful aquatic bulbs and look what fine specimen they can grow into.