More New LEDs hit the market

It's always exciting for me when new LEDs appear - they get more powerful and generally cheaper which is a nice combo.

Introducing TMC AquaBar - super slimline and affordable lights that are designed to be placed inside hoods etc. If you are familiar with their MMS rails, well these lights are about the same in size. 2 sizes available, 50 and 100cm and they're pretty nice. After opening the box and trying them out, there's not as bright as their AquaGro range but you wouldn't really expect that for the price. A lot more LEDs on these strips. But I do really like how slim they are.

So if you have a tank with a hood and you're thinking that you want extra lighting, then this could be ideal for you. Affordable, and small - it's going to tick a lot of boxes for hobbyists. Find the 50cm here and 100cm here

tmc-aquabar-500 tmc-aquabar-500