Don't break your Lily Pipes when fitting filter tubing!

I know this can be tricky and sometimes, yes sometimes they break and this is a painful lesson to learn I am sure you will agree. It's frustrating and expensive and rather inconvenient too...

But it's actually quite easy to fit filter tubing onto glass pipes, and you just need a top tip and that is:

hot water

by dipping your tubing into just water that has recently boiled, it makes the filter tubing very supple. But watch my YouTube clip below and it should all make sense.

You can see how easy it is now and the tubing slips on very easily. Similarly when removing them, once again the tubing can be quite stiff and the secret to that is to twist the tubing off and not pull. Pulling tends to create a pressure point on the glass and invariably you angle it a little too much which can break the glass.

Does this help?