Dolphins stranded in pool - so cruel

I read a very saddening story about dolphins that are kept in captivity. Let me start by saying I don't normally write about things like this but it's something I am passionate about. In fact as I get older, I become more concerned about animal welfare from spiders that live in my warehouse to dolphins kept in captivity. Below is a shocking picture...

This picture was taken at an 'Amusement Park' in Japan and I use the word amusement very lightly. Every month the pool is drained and the sides cleaned and the dolphins are simply left stranded. There seems little urgency to refil the pool.

Not only do I find that terribly tragic and so sad - but the dolphins are totally helpless. Bottle-nose dolphins weigh 200kgs and are not designed to be stranded on a concrete base. I'm staggered that this is allowed to go on. But not only that, visiting dolphins in amusement parks is so unnatural as these animals are trapped in tiny pools.

I've signed the petition to save these dolphins and if you feel passionately about it please do: