2 New Echinodorus Plants

Always on the look out for some different plants, we've got a couple of Echinodorus' that I think you will like. Definitely not new to the market, but certainly new to us. So what are they?

Aquafleur Echinodorus Ozelot Red - stunning shaped oval leaves make this plant a real beauty. Similar in appearance and size to Ozelot Green, it's not a demanding plant and looks great in medium sized plant. When established this plant will grow quickly and will become a real focal point.

Aquafleur Echinodorus Rubra - a rather neat and tidy plant, its leaves are slightly larger than the Ozelot Red. It flourishes in a wide range of conditions and is unlikely to cause you any problems in your planted aquarium. Young leaves start off a pinky colour and as they mature, turn green. Suitable for mid to background you will be very happy with this plant.

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