Don't you just love plants on wood?

I do and for good reason too. The pieces add instant impact into your aquarium with little or no effort. In fact the hardest effort is parting with your hard earned cash ;)
So you've dipped into your savings and the piece arrives with you and BANG. Instant focal point with minimal effort. Don't you just love that - not having to put any effort in and getting a great result immediately.
Now don't go plonking it right in the middle of your tank, where you want it is slightly off to the left or the right - that's where it will look best. And if it doesn't look quite right there then don't worry. That's the beauty of these sort of pieces - they can be moved with minimal fuss.
But not only that but the require low lighting and minimal nutrition.You can find this piece by clicking on the picture or if you wanted to see our whole range, click on this link.
What more do you want :)