Size of my aquarium plants

Many people often query us on why the plant they received is so small compared to a previous plant they purchased or if you can believe it, too big!!

Well I'm going to give you a brief understanding of what affects the plants and in what ways.

Firstly as I'm sure you know, most plants need good light and the right temperatures to really flourish. This means that during the summer in the high temperatures and lots of sunlight the growers will get lots of nice big, bright plants. These plants may well run into the first few months of winter.

However on the flip side during winter when its cold, dark and damp the plants will still grow but slowly. This will mean that they arrive with us small and as it even colder here that it is where the growers are we have very little chance of getting much growth.

These smaller plants will often run into the first few months of summer as there will be an overlap of when plants struggle and when they thrive.

Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight into how and when you will receive larger or small plants :-)