Eusteralis Stellata Grof


Eusteralis stellata grof is a relatively new plant that is being introduced to the hobby. This plant has very strong, architectural stems that grow in a pretty straight manner. This plant has thin green narrow leaves with serrated edges. The underside of the leaves have a purplish hue to them. If Eusteralis stellata grof reaches the surface of the aquarium do not be surprised to find blooms of small white flowers appearing on the emerged stems.  Whilst this is lovely when flowers show it can hinder the growth of the plant so be aware of this.


This plant is native to Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia.


This plant is best suited to the back of the tank as although it is a slow grower it can get quite large. Eusteralis stellata grof is a demanding plant and requires a nutrient rich substrate. This plant performs at it's best in soft slightly acidic water.  When planting separate the stems, do not plant stems together in a tight bunch.  This will ensure that all stems get adequate light at the base and none suffer from light deprivation.  Do not use sand as a substrate with this plant as sand holds absolutely no nutrient value which this plant cannot tolerate.  This plant will also need strong lighting. Eusteralis Stellata Grof has been known to stall in growth mode but simply replant and this will kick start the growth.  Finally this plant will require CO2 injection and the use of a good quality fertiliser such as Neutro + to be used in conjunction with CO2.
Propagation is simple – you can “pollard” the stems once they are big enough and simply replant into a suitable substrate and they should start to root.

eusteralis-stellata-grof eusteralis-stellata-grof eusteralis-stellata-grof

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