Shipping Freshwater Shrimp

We love our shrimp at Aqua Essentials and when we send them in the post we make sure they are healthy, lively and of a certain size. What most people are surprised at is what size shrimp should be sent in the post and why.

When we send ours, we don't look to send adults. We aim to send juveniles and the reason for this is very simple. Smaller shrimp are far more adaptable that larger shrimp. Think of it this way - imagine a shrimp which has spent all of its life in one aquarium. This could make it roughly 2 years old. Then compare it to a younger shrimp that is still growing and may have only been alive for 5 months - which do you think will be more adaptable?

The answer is a juvenile shrimp.

So if you purchase shrimp from us (and we hope you do!) expect shrimp of about 10mm is size or so. This means your shrimp will travel better to their destination and then adapt much more easily into their new home.

For our range of freshwater shrimp please click here.

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