Shrimp Shelters

We're a big fan of shrimp at Aqua Essentials and we're now stocking some of the smallest and neatest shrimp shelters ever. These will keep your shrimp happy and safe too.

We often hear people who have purchased shrimp from us that they can't seem to see where their shrimp go and wonder if they have just 'disappeared'. The fact is shrimp will hide if they feel insecure and stocking shrimp with fish can make them feel very insecure - after all they are part of the food chain. However if you invest in a shrimp shelter, for very little cost you can protect your shrimp and ensure they are happy as soon as they land in your aquarium.

Not only that but these neat shrimp shelters look even better if you tie some moss around them and before you know it, you will have created their own little home :)

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