Brown algae on leaves in aquarium

Brown algae on leaves in aquarium

Hey there! If you're dealing with brown algae in your aquarium, it's likely caused by too much light. This type of algae grows pretty much everywhere and makes plants look dusty, especially in new tanks or tanks with excessive lighting.

To fix this problem, make sure to reduce your lighting to a minimum (6 hours per day when you start up) and perform frequent water changes (at least 30% once a week). Using a soft sponge to wipe the glass and cleaning it regularly can also help. Another helpful solution is to add more shrimp to your tank.

Aim for one shrimp per 5 liters of water and they'll help to quickly keep the brown algae under control. Shrimp are great at taking care of this type of algae, so it's important to have a good number of them in your tank. With these steps, your brown algae problem should disappear in no time!

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