Colombo Mono Base Black - Aquarium Plant Substrate

Colombo Mono Base Black - Aquarium Plant Substrate

If you're looking to create a beautiful and stable environment for your aquarium, Colombo Mano Base is a natural substrate that you won't want to miss. Unlike traditional aquarium gravel, Colombo Flora Mano Base offers an open and porous structure that allows for rapid bacterial colonisation and stable water conditions. Plus, the unique structural shape of the Mono Base provides optimal rooting and water penetration for plants, without soil compaction.

But that's not all - Colombo Mano Base is made from natural clay sources, giving your aquarium an aesthetically pleasing look. Its soft and rounded nature also makes it ideal for bottom-dwelling fish and their soft barbels.

But the benefits don't stop there. Mano Base stores nutrients when there is an excess, releasing them as needed for superior plant growth, better water conditioning, and less algae blooming.

To get the best results, follow these recommendations when using Colombo Mano Base:

  1. Wash MonoBase three times before use to remove any dust particles.

  2. For optimal long-term fertilisation, start by placing a layer of Colombo NutriBase on the bottom of your tank (sold separately).

  3. Spread a layer of Mono Base across the bottom, ensuring a depth of at least 5cm. This makes planting easier, and it's best to have the substrate higher at the back of your tank, sloping forward.

  4. Start filling your tank slowly so that only the substrates are covered with water. Then, add wood or rocks and only after that, start planting. Spray the plants with water as you go to avoid drying out.

  5. Once you have finished planting, fill the rest of your tank slowly using lukewarm water. Use a sieve to avoid substrate disturbance.

Colombo Mano Base comes in both red and black colours, with a grain size of 1-2mm. It's suitable for use in any aquarium, from beginner to expert. Give your aquatic plants and fish the best possible environment with Colombo Mano Base.

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