How do I keep the water clear in my planted tank?

It’s all about routine. Making sure you do the right jobs at the right time is key to keeping your water clean in your aquarium. Plants of course play a major role but there are other factors to be considered and they are:

1. Install a good filter system. A good filter system will help keep the water clean by removing suspended particles and waste from the water.

2. Change the water regularly. Regular water changes help keep the water clear by removing toxins and other contaminants.

3. Add plants. Live plants help keep the water clean and clear by removing nitrates and other contaminants.

4. Monitor the water conditions. Regularly check the water parameters, such as pH, nitrates, and ammonia levels, to ensure the water is healthy for your fish and plants.

5. Manage the fish load. Overstocking your tank can lead to increased waste production, which can cause the water to become cloudy.

6. Regularly clean the tank. Remove any decaying plant material and waste, as this can lead to cloudy water.

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