How do you tell if planted tank is cycled?

How do you tell if planted tank is cycled?

A planted tank is considered cycled when the levels of nitrites and ammonia are stable and within safe ranges. Nitrite levels have to measure zero. To test the levels of these compounds, you can use a test kit.

Adding fish to a tank before it has been fully cycled is dangerous as the tank will not yet be able to process the waste produced by the fish, leading to high levels of ammonia and nitrite. These compounds are toxic to fish, and cause burns, stress, and often death. As such, it is important to wait until the tank is cycled before adding any fish.

It’s worth noting that freshwater shrimp are intolerant of nitrite and exposure to it, even for 24 hours will often result in death over the next few days.

As a general rule, I recommend you wait for 6 weeks before adding any live stock in general - this might seem a long time to wait but it’s the only way. Remember, your live stock has to be the priority and not your urgency to have what you want. You can help speed up your cycling process with EasyLife Filter Medium - click here to view it.

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