Not So Perfect - Plant Bundle of 3

Not So Perfect - Plant Bundle of 3

Aqua Essentials offers a range of not-so-perfect plant bundles that are ideal for those looking to add some greenery to their aquarium without spending a lot of money. These plants may not be picture-perfect, but they will add beauty and oxygen to your planted aquarium.They'll also need a bit of nurturing to bring them back to where they should be.

Our not-so-perfect plant bundles come in a variety of sizes and species and quantities are always limited.

So what makes them end up as Not So Perfect Plants?

When plants are transported to us, sometimes they become damaged. With our exceedingly high standards, we are not prepared to put them into the main stock area and rather than recycle them, we'd like to offer them at a heavily discounted price for those of you who wish to nurture plants.

These plants are a great value and a great way to give your fish a more natural environment. Add some greenery to your aquarium today with a not-so-perfect plant bundle from Aqua Essentials.

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