Reviewing the Top 10 Tropica Plants for 2024

Reviewing the Top 10 Tropica Plants for 2024

Dive into the Fascinating World of Tropica Plants

Tropica plants have long been recognised as the worlds best aquarium plants and for good reason too. They're fantastic quality, look amazing and their range is extensive. They're also the most forward thinking plant based company and have stuck to their core subject - aquarium plants themselves. Whilst others have deviated and looked to spread the wings so to speak, Tropica remain laser focussed which is just what we at Aqua Essentials love.

When it comes to adding greenery to your aquariums, offers a huge range of plants to choose from. From tissue cultured plants to potted varieties, there is something for every plant enthusiast. Let's get stuck into the the Top 10 plants from and explore which ones are easy to care for, recommended for beginners, and which ones pose a more challenging growing experience.

1. Alternanthera reineckii Pink

Who doesn't love colourful aquarium plants? Alternanthera reineckii Pink is possibly one of the brightest pinks in all aquarium plants, not only does it look the business but it's easy to grow. Although it might like a bit more light than some others, it's fast growing nature is hard not to be impressed by.

Alternanthera reineckii 'Pink

2. Java Fern

Another beginner-friendly plant, Java Fern, is a very hardy aquarium plants and great for aquascaping. It's a beginner friendly plant that needs to be tied to wood or rock. It's happy in a wide range of conditions hence being our number 2 choice.

Microsorum pteropus

3. Monte Carlo

Our favourite carpeting plant at Aqua Essentials. Monte Carlo is an excellent option if you want a plant that's easy growing and creeps across the foreground While it requires slightly more maintenance compared to Anubias Nana and Java Fern, it can create a lush green carpet effect in the tank and is well worth trying.

Micranthemum monte carlo

4. Alternanthera reineckii Mini

If you're wanting to add some colour to your aquarium (who doesn't) then  considered a slightly more challenging plant to grow, Alternanthera Reineckii Mini requires higher light and CO2 supplementation. But don't let that put you off as it's a really lovely plant and once established in groups looks amazing. Only available in the tissue culture form.

alternanthera reineckii mini

5. Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii Tropica is an easy growing plant that can do well in a variety of conditions, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. With its striking rippled leaves, it adds something a bit different to your usual Cryptocoryne. Well worth trying and it hits the number 5 mark.

Cryptocoryne wendtii Tropica

6.Eleocharis pusilla 

Known for its fast growth rate, Eleocharis pusilla is another creeping foregorund plant that stays nice and low and rarely needs trimming. Although it takes time to grow, once it does get going it looks fantastic. Available in tissue cultured form only, make sure you grab a few pots to get that carpet going.

7. Ludwigia rubin

Time for some more colour, this time with the delightful Ludwigia rubin. Still in the easy category of plants, this adds colour and often a bit of height too depending on what time of year you buy it. As always, best to plant in groups.

8. Anubias barteri Petite

Back with another aquarium plant that needs tying to wood or rock, Anubias barteri petite is easy to grow and easy on the eye! A smaller version of Anubias nana but just as attractive. 

9. Lobelia cardinalis (Scarlet lobelia)

Lobelia cardinalis is a striking mid-ground plant reaching heights of up to 20cm. It's fast growing and adds colour to your planted aquarium. It's easy to grow and won't pose any challenges when planting. Looks best in groups so buy in qtys of 3 or more.

10. Microsorum pteropus Windelov

Microsorum pteropus Windelov has stunning leaves which are split on the ends giving them a brush like finish. They sway delightfully in the current and the plant needs tying to wood or rock. Undemanding, easy to grow and easy to care for, it's made our top 10 for good reason.

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