Rotala rotundifolia - a super mid to background aquarium plant

Rotala rotundifolia - a super mid to background aquarium plant

Rotala rotundifolia, also known as "round-leaved rotala" or "rotala," is a popular aquatic plant in the aquarium hobby. It is native to Southeast Asia and is known for its bright green, round leaves and delicate appearance.

Rotala rotundifolia is a fast-growing plant that can reach a height of up to 18 inches in the right conditions. It is often used as a background or midground plant in aquascapes, and its round leaves add a unique texture and visual interest to the tank.

Rotala rotundifolia

One of the keys to successfully keeping rotala is providing the right lighting. Rotala rotundifolia requires high levels of light in order to thrive, with a recommended range of 2-3 watts per gallon. In addition to proper lighting, rotala also requires a substrate rich in nutrients in order to support its rapid growth.

Rotala rotundifolia is relatively easy to care for, making it a good choice for beginner aquarists. However, it is important to regularly prune the plant to remove any dead or dying leaves and control its growth. This will help to keep the plant looking its best and prevent it from overcrowding the tank.

In terms of water parameters, rotala is tolerant of a wide range of conditions. It can survive in a pH range of 6.5-7.5 and can tolerate temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature and avoid sudden fluctuations, as rotala is sensitive to such changes.

Overall, Rotala rotundifolia is a popular and attractive aquatic plant that is well-suited to a variety of aquascapes. Its bright green, round leaves add visual interest to the tank, and it is relatively easy to care for. With the right lighting and nutrient-rich substrate, rotala can thrive and provide a beautiful addition to any aquarium.

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