Water changes in planted tank

Water changes in planted tank

You know the importance of water changes don't you?

By now, you will have heard me mentioning it countless times and how effective it is, not only in keeping algae at bay but overall plant health. The more water you change, the cleaner your tank will be.

But not everyone does the basics and yet they wonder why they have issues.

 In fact, it's common for those who have algae problems, to rarely change enough water.

They'll scrimp and they'll make assumptions they are changing enough and their algae issues come from the fertilisers or something daft like that.

You also know fertilisers DO NOT cause algae.

But I digress.


You see, plants and fish add waste to the water all the time - invisible waste but it's definitely there.

 And the more plants you have, the more waste they produce - this waste comes in the form of ammonia and it's the #1 food source for algae.

That's right - their favourite food which can often be found in plentiful supplies.

 Ask any Pro Scaper how much water they change every week and you might get a surprise - it's a lot more than you think.

 But changing at least 30% of water weekly is the goal - you're removing the main food source for algae.

So the more water you change, the less algae you have (as you're removing their primary food source).

Simple huh?

Neutro Pure

I'd like to introduce you to Neutro Pure - our new water conditioners. Designed and created for two specific purposes:

    1.    Effective at neutralising chlorine
    2.    Easy on the pocket

It's the second point I want to emphasise. I wanted this water conditioner to be as cost effective as possible. I want to make treating tap water economical without compromising because changing your tank water helps so much in the battle with algae.

Neutro Pure needs only 5 ml per 50L of water (1 per 10L) which means a little will go a long way. An average bucket is 10L and you'll only need roughly 1ml to detoxify that harmful chlorine found in your tap water.

So next time you're performing a water change, Neutro Pure should tick the box for you.

All the best,

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