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Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium


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    Just wanted to give you a heads up that the image of the plant you'll be receiving is just an example of what you can expect. Each plant is unique and may vary in size and shape, so it won't be an exact match to the photo. If we provide a size guide, keep in mind that it's just an estimate and that plants can vary in size depending on the time of year.

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    If you choose Express Delivery, we will replace any plants that are damaged due to delays. Express Delivery is a fast, trackable, and reliable option with a one hour delivery window. It also ensures that the plants will arrive in the same condition as when they left our facility. If you choose a different postage option, such as Tracked 24 or Tracked 48, you will not be covered for any damages due to delays and will assume the risk yourself if the plants do not arrive in good condition. Express Delivery includes an insurance policy, which may cost more but provides added peace of mind.


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    The great thing with these 'Scaped For You' Collections is that all the hard work is done for you!

    'Scaped For You' Collections are ideal for those of you who just want to choose a setup and not have the hassle of having to choose the plants you need to replicate it. These collections come complete with all the plants, wood or rock needed for the aquascape you have chosen.  The Collection even comes with an easy to understand diagram showing you exactly where to position the plants and materials.

    Layout 2 is designed for an medium level to plant and maintain 128L set up making it perfect for medium level hobbyist. If your aquarium is larger than this you will have to add additional plants accordingly.

    This typical aquascape will fit in any room in the house. Louge, Kitchen or Office. It is a classic layout because of it's island composition. The foreground is full of the Lilaeopsis and the Rosanervig is the colourful focal point. The Anubias and Cryptocoryne are positioned in the middle which will create a contrast from the dark green to the bright green carpet and then the colourful Rosanervig. The Java Moss attached to the wood will create both depth and maturity. The way the plants have been put together will provide a fine balance between fast growing plants (which are the ones that absorb nutrients algae) and the slow growing plants that require less maintenance.

    Top tip! Rosanervig are undemanding plants so ideal for beginning.

    You will also receive the hardscape materials in this plant collection and they are designed to be positioned as indicated in the diagram.

    Plants in this collection are:

    5 x Ceratopteris thalictroides (A)

    1 x Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig (B)

    1 x Hygrophila 'siamensis 53B' (B)

    2 x Anubias barteri var. caladiifolia (C)

    1 x Anubias barteri 'coffeefolia' (D)

    8 x Anubias barteri var. nana (E)

    2 x Cryptocoryne beckettii 'petchii' (F)

    5 x Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (G)

    1 x Taxiphyllum barbieri (H)

    Hardscape materials in this collection are:

    3 x Medium 20-30cm driftwood

    4 x Small pieces mini landscape rock (approx 3kg)

    Please be aware that in the majority of cases, all plants in the collection are available to send out immediately however there may be times when a particular plant is not available, we will substitute as closely to that plants as possible.  For example if Alternanthera cardinalis is not available we will pick another species of this plant and if one Cryptocoryne is not available we will pick another Cryptocoryne that looks the most similar.

    Please note this is a special order item so depending on availability can take between 1-7 days to arrive. It also means it is none-returnable.

    Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium - Aqua Essentials
    Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium - Aqua Essentials
    Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium - Aqua Essentials
    Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium - Aqua Essentials
    Scaped For You Collection - Layout 2 (128L) Medium - Aqua Essentials

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