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Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials
Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials
Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials


Echinodorus impaii XL


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    Quick facts:

    Rating: Easy

    Origin: South America

    Position in Aquarium: Background

    Grows up to (cm): 50 cm

    Pot Size: 9 cm

    Growth rate: Medium pace

    Common name:

    Plant Sizes

    The image of the plant you'll be receiving is just an example of what you can expect. Each plant is unique and may vary in size and shape, so it won't be an exact match to the photo. If we provide a size guide, keep in mind that it's just an estimate and that plants can vary in size depending on the time of year.

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    The Echinodorus impaii is a sturdy leafed plant that is easy on the eye. Solid looking and grows to a decent size with shapely dark green leaves this plant flourishes readily when planted in a good, rich substrate.

    Depending on the aquarium size this can work well as both a mid and background plant and will look stunning when planted amongst other plants with contrasting colours and textures.

    A good quality plant fertiliser like Neutro T will also help this plant to mature to the beautiful plant it can become.

    Note - the picture is a guide only and what you receive may be smaller (or larger) than the picture as we are not the growers and therefore cannot control the size. If you need to know specifically what size the plant is that we have atm, drop us an email and we can let you know.

    Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials
    Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials
    Echinodorus impaii XL - Aqua Essentials

    Product details

    1. Go large

    Xl Plants are the biggest plants available to hobbyists and sometimes extremely impressive, especially in the summer time. Pots are typically 9cm+ but the range is fairly limited so if you see one you like, best to go for it.

    Why is the range limited in the winter?

    Plants grow much slower due to the weather and the cost to heat gigantic greenhouses. As a result, in the cooler months plants are typically 30-40% smaller than they are in the warmer months.

    2. Planting up

    Due to their size, they're best positioned towards the back of your aquarium. Of course, some of them will be better tied onto wood or rock (like Anubias). It is possible to leave these plants in their pots if you prefer, but we always recommend that where possible, you take them out of their pots and rockwool, and plant them in a nutrient rich soil. Bear in mind the plants may have extensive root structure but this can be trimmed prior to planting.

    3. Feeding

    How much food do they need?

    Due to their size, larger plants need much more food than the 5cm potted plants so this has to be considered when planting.

    What fertilisers should I offer?

    We always recommend using both a nutrient rich fertiliser and a liquid carbon for all plants. Use Neutro T as a liquid fertiliser and Neutro CO2 for your carbon. Both are available in big bottles and if you are injecting pressurised CO2, sway the Neutro T for Neutro+.

    Are root tabs needed?

    If you want to get the best from your plants, so they stay strong, grow faster and produce better colours then yes. Use TerraTabs for best results. Insert 3 under each XL plant every 4 months.


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    Your plants will be wrapped with recyclable Honey Comb wrap - sounds cool because it is :). It interlocks which means we don't need to use tape either, reducing our impact on the environment.

    Not only is delivery fast with DPD Express but it's also green as they offset all the carbon their vehicles produce. Guilt free delivery which we're very proud of...

    We guarantee you'll be happy with your order. But if you're not, please contact us so we can resolve. We are 100% here to help and will always do our best to resolve any issues - that's a promise.

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